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On June 11th, Card Trooper Games will be hosting Trooper Tour: Astral Radiance, which will be a Standard-format Pokemon event with a prize pool of over $5000!

Entry: $40

1st Place - $2000 cash, Trooper Tour Playmat and Trophy
2nd Place - $1000 cash, Trooper Tour Playmat
3rd & 4th Place - $500 cash, Trooper Tour Playmat
5th-8th Place - $150 cash, Trooper Tour Playmat
9th-16th Place - $50 cash

These prizes are guaranteed and are not based on attendance.

We will play Swiss rounds based on attendance with a cut to the Top 8. Swiss rounds will be played 30 minutes Best of 1, with Top Cut being played as 75 minutes Best of 3.

Decklists will be required to be submitted on Limitless.

Masks will be required to be worn by all players at all times while inside of the venue.

This event will be capped at 256 players and preregistration is required.

Register online now at:

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